One 8 bbl Concrete NuBarrel or 80 Oak Barrels?

The arithmetic behind  concrete NuBarrels™ is   compelling. One NuBarrel™ holds the same volume of beer as eight, 30-gallon, oak beer barrels, and it will last ten times as long, ultimately producing the beer of some 80 oak barrels. Those oak barrels will cost you about $24,000. One fully-loaded, concrete NuBarrel™, complete with all the hardware, internal sensors and  immersion rack will only cost you about $6,000.

That's a savings over time of some $18,000 that your brewery will see for each concrete NuBarrel™ you purchase. And that's if the price of oak barrels doesn't increase for the ten years that you're not buying them. It will, so you'll actually save more.

One concrete NuBarrel™

will ultimately yield the

same quantity of beer as

80 oak barrels.

A NuBarrel™ costs

much less, gives you more control of flavor and is

much easier to clean...

NuBarrel™  |  Complete Control of Flavor Supplementation

One of the great things about fermenting in concrete is that concrete does not impart its own flavor to mask the flavor of what you are making. It has a softening effect, and adds a crisp hint of minerality that steel cannot match, but it otherwise leaves the taste profile clear for you to work with. The concrete NuBarrel™ also offers two options for introducing your own flavor supplements: the steel sieve immersion sleeve and the oak stave array.

From vanilla to

chocolate, from flowers

to grapefruits, beer makers are looking for exceptional, new flavors.

NuBarrel™  |  Safely Stackable to Save Space

We know how precious your warehouse space is. To make sure that you get the greatest yield per square-foot, we designed our concrete NuBarrels™ to stack. To keep you and your beer safe, we also designed them to bolt together and bolt into a concrete floor.

This configuration passed a robust shake test at the Seismic Insitute of UC Berkeley.

Concrete NuBarrels™ are


to  safely stack and bolt together in pairs to maximize your yield.

NuBarrel™  |  High-Tech and Feature-Rich

Concrete NuBarrels™ from Sonoma Cast Stone offer you the ability to monitor your beer within the tanks and from anywhere you happen to be. Internal sensors track critical conditions like temperature and fluid level and communicate with your mobile device to alert you to any problems or to put your mind at ease. Additionally, an external alert is housed on the tank's exterior to warn you of overfill.

Though deceptively

simple in appearance,

each concrete NuBarrel™

is the product of feature-rich engineering.

NuBarrel™  |  Made to Be Seen

You should know that when you purchase any concrete fermentation tanks from Sonoma Cast Stone, you're not going to want to hide them. Concrete Eggs, Amphorae, NuBarrels™, they're all jaw-droppingly beautiful. Natural and designer colors, exquisite attention to detail and logo placement for your brewery....

Your guests will remember these amazing tanks, and talk about them.

Sonoma Cast Stone

has been designing

and producing concrete fixtures of showroom quality for 20 years.


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