And why Sonoma Cast Stone...?

It’s Easy To See What Sets

Us Apart From The Competition

But It's What You Don’t See

That Makes All The Difference...

A strikingly beautiful, showroom-quality, hand-polished concrete fixture, in the colors of your choice, proudly displaying your logo and the superior standards of your wine and your winery.

The quality of the concrete under the dazzling finish, the time spent with winemakers that led to inspired design features and the confidence that we express in the industry's only guarantee against cracking.

Showroom-Quality Fixtures

Superior Engineering

We have 20 years of experience making concrete look absolutely stunning. You will take as much pride in how these tanks look as in how well they work.

The only embedded glycol tube system surrounding all or any part of your tank that gives you precise temperature control with no tubes or plates exposed to shock the beer.

Branded and Custom to Your Specs

Endless Research and Development

Our tanks are not racked generically in a warehouse waiting for customers. We make your tanks to your specifications. This is not fast food. This is fine dining.

An enduring devotion to research and development, at great expense, yielding an unmatched understanding of concrete formulation and concrete engineering.

Available in Extra-Large

The Best and Strongest Concrete

Think your brewery is too large for us? Think we can't make a concrete tank larger than 40bbl? Have you seen the aquaducts in Rome?

A unique system of layering different types of concrete that makes for a much stronger tank without the need for an interior steel frame, thus a stronger yet lighter tank.

The Right Tank for Any Brewery

Attention to Detail

Sonoma Cast Stone has also mastered the fine art of listening, which is why we continually roll-out new design ideas. Our drawing board is a hot mess!

Utilizing soft seals around hatches and manways that allow the concrete to expand and contract without structural cracking around the pomace door.

All Sizes and Shapes

Seismic Engineering for Safety

Concrete can hold virtually any shape, and we take full advantage of that. Look through out tank styles, and you're sure to find the size and shape you need.

Seismic engineering to safely hold the tank to the ground during earthquakes, preventing injury or damage. We're 30 miles from a major fault, we know about earthquakes...

Ongoing Innovation

The Only Guarantee

New designs, faster production, stackable tanks, pressurized tanks, better concrete.... the R&D game never sleeps at Sonoma Cast Stone.

Considering a concrete wine tank? Ask about the manufacturer's warranty. Then ask yourself why our tanks are the only ones guaranteed against structural cracking.

Concrete fermentation is the latest development in craft beer.

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