Amphora  |  320 Gallons

Concrete from fermentation through storage...

It worked for the estruscans, the greeks, the persians, and the romans, and now it can work for you. Now, beermakers are discovering the advantages of making quality craft beer in concrete. The natural insulation, the organic shapes, and the gentle addition of subtle minerals... until time to bottle. This unique storage tank is designed to collect sediment at the bottom.

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Optional Temperature Control System

Choice of Colors & Can Have Your Logo

 These concrete amphora containers are a vision of antiquity brought to life in your brewery. With all the amazing advantages of concrete, the amphora tanks are also hand-crafted to our exacting standards. They can carry your logo, the colors of your choice, including an optional, second color, and they all come with our unique, 10-year guarantee against structural cracking.

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Concrete fermentation is the latest development in craft beer.


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